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How do I retrieve my password? First, click & ldquo; on the login page; Forgot your password& rdquo; Secondly, fill in the registration email and click Submit. Next, you will receive a password reset email. Open the email and open the password reset page according to the instructions on the email. Finally, enter your new password on the password reset page. What are the password setting skills? For your account security, please refer to the following suggestions when setting your password: 1. The password consists of 6-20 characters (letters are case sensitive). 2、 Please use a combination of numbers, letters or symbols, such as gklfd_ 157、89712am%& Wait. 3、 If you set the following password with low security, you will be prompted to change the password to ensure security: & nbsp& nbsp;& nbsp; 1. All consist of numbers& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; 2. All consist of letters& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; 3. All consist of the same character& nbsp;& nbsp;& nbsp; 4. Same as user name or mailbox. 4、 Change the password regularly and make records to avoid forgetting. 5、 Do not set the payment password and login password to the same password.

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